Pre-Rugby World Cup Final – Rajko & Dragan CRAZY Challenge!

On the eve of the RUGBY WORLD CUP Finals 2015 we are releasing on YouTube two amazing video testimonials about the effectiveness of the Fitness4x4 method.
We want you to take a look and enjoy.


In the first of two videos I talk about the day me and my dad (Dragan) decided to try take on the entire London Wasps 1st XV Rugby Team in an endurance challenge – 2 men versus 15 professional athletes. Probably the most unrealistic and one-sided challenge either of us had ever taken on, with every chance of failure and of ending our two-decade-long unbeaten run.

In the 2nd video you can see what actually happened…

Fitness4x4® is a training method that encompasses a number of uniquely effective workout disciplines: for some the Dragan Challenge ‘Extreme Endurance Lift’ with 20 kgs is not one that they will ever try or even want to try…but whether it is Hour of Power®, HOP®, Vertical Training® or the Dragan Challenge® you are in to, these videos will hopefully inspire, entertain and encourage you that you are spending your training time wisely!

Here’s to a fantastic Rugby World Cup Final tomorrow, and here’s to another 30 years of the Fitness4x4 Training Method!


Dragan Challenge™ at SENI SHOW 2014

SENI Show 2014
SENI Show 2014 – Buy tickets in F4x4 Store

A new format of the DRAGAN CHALLENGE™  & ‘HOP® Challenge’ will be taking place at SENI 2014 on the weekend of the 13th-14th Sept 2014.

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Dragan Challenge National Finals at Bodypower Expo 2012 – powered by Escape Fitness Dumbbells

This past weekend of the 19th-20th May, at the Bodypower Expo (Birmingham NEC), audiences watched the exciting culmination of the 2012 Dragan Challenge – a pure test of upper-body strength & endurance using 2x20kg Escape dumbbells. The challenge: maximum reps possible in the Curl & Press ‘Endurance Lift’.Dean Amasinger does Dragan Challenge

Eight athletes took to the Bodypower MAIN stage in the mens Elite 20kg category. The challenge: to curl and press their two dumbbells for the maximum possible number of full repetitions, with no stopping, no resting and no lower body help!

For many who are familiar with weight training but have not trained for the Dragan Challenge, the prospect of doing more than 40 consecutive repetitions with 20kg dumbbells would seem awkward if not rather unlikely. More than 100 repetitions…impossible!  But on the main stage as all 8 participants passed the 50rep mark, and 6 athletes passed the 100rep mark, the audience began to swell, as people wondered ‘just how many reps is it possible to do?’

Maxi Ambassadors do the 2012 Dragan Challenge

The sport of Endurance Lifting, also known as the ‘Dragan Challenge’ was this year powered by Escape Fitness. The result was a sea of black & red Escape Dumbbells being lifted for frightening numbers of repetitions, by athletes from across the country, as well as by some leading sports stars and fighters from the Maximuscle Ambassadors fold.


Setting the pace on stage for the first 50reps was challenge founder Dragan Radovic, now 63years old but still looking every bit like the undefeated champion. Dragan is reputedly still able to lift in the hundreds of reps with anywhere between 16kg-20kg dumbbells! When one considers that these kind of numbers are considered impressive for men half his age,  it is remarkable that Dragan is still at such a level in such a demanding discipline.

However, today was not intended to be Dragan’s day – he was there to host the event and inspire the competitors to their highest possible score. And at 50 reps, he stepped aside to let the 8 qualified athletes battle itout.them with just one goal – to be the last person lifting on that Bodypower main stage and claim the 1st prize. With a brand new piece of Escape Training kit on offer for the winner (the new ‘Bulgarian Bag’ worth £200) as well as prizes from Maximuscle & La Fitness, there was plenty to compete for…not least the title ‘Endurance Lifting Champion 2012’.

2012 Endurance Champion Steve Ellwood

After almost 30minutes of non-stop curling and pressing, whilst most of the audience was wondering how on earth they were still even holding on to those 20kg dumbbells, only two men remained. Last years Max-Reps winner Steve Ellwood and last year’s Sprint winner Aaron Barnett. Sweating profusely, breathing hard and straining to keep going, at 324 repetitions Aaron could do no more and veteran lifter Steve Ellwood stepped into the middle of the stage to push out another 26 reps and finish with a phenomenal final score of 350 repetitions.

Regional Finals now completed

Congratulations to all the winners in the three categories. Some amazing times and some great battles in all of the regional events at LA Fitness clubs around the UK. (see Regional results page)

Next Stop: BODYPOWER 2012 for the grand finals of the elite Mens 20kg Challenge.

Winners of regionals will gain automatic qualification to the semi-finals.  Open Heats will take place at the event for those who have not yet qualified.

Fastest times so far at the Regional Dragan challenge events


  • Women 8kg – Anita Lloyd – 3 mins 28 secs
  • Mens 12kg – Bowley – 2 mins 6 secs
  • Mens 20kg – Trevor Perry – 4 mins 25 secs


  • Womens 8kg – Sophie Morland – 2 mins 47 secs
  • Mens 12kg – Abs Olachini – 2 mins 34 secs
  • Mens 20kg – Phil Byerley – 3 mins 27 secs


  • Womens 8kg – Sophie Zindglist – 1 min 59 secs
  • Mens 12kg – Ilan (waiting for his full details from club) – 3 mins 3 secs
  • No competitor on Mens 20kg


  • Womens 8kg – Hayley Dodman – 3 mins 15 secs
  • Mens 12kg – James Lai – 2 mins 52 secs
  • Mens 20kg – Nuno Barreto – 3 mins 35 secs

The Dragan Challenge comes to LA Fitness

Dragan Challenge has started in LA fitness gyms across the country! Hoping that people are not intimidated by the 20kg elite category – hopefully people will understand that much like a marathon where a handful of people do it in 2-3hours and most people do it in 5+hours, there are different levels of every challenge. The main thing is to take the challenge at your level!