Bodypower Expo

Women’s Event was the first ever Women’s Dragan Challenge finals at Bodypower and received tremendous support from the crowd, as well as a closely fought competition. Outright winner Alison Booker stormed ahead from the first 10reps onwards, however 2nd and 3rd place finishers were within seconds of each other as they finished their 100th reps!

Ladies 8kg Dragan Challenge Winner
Ladies 8kg Dragan Challenge Winner

“It was an honor to stand on the BodyPower stage to compete in the first Ladies Dragan Challenge; its founder is a legend and Fitness 4×4 is a concept that I truly believe in. I entered the competition moments before standing up on stage after Dragan announced a final call to have a go! After a whirlwind of a qualifying round I was soon stood in front of the crowd… there was no time for nerves! I loved every minute of it and the support of the crowd fed my drive and determination to finish the 100 reps. It was a privilege to compete alongside strong, like-minded women & I hope that we inspire other ladies to give the Dragan challenge a go next year. Follow your heart and believe in yourself.”
Alison Roddis (Booker)


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