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The Mens Max Reps contest was won for the second year in a row by veteran lifter Steve Ellwood, who cruised to victory with 350 reps of 20kg dumbbells, outlasting last year’s losing finalist Aaron Barnett once again.

Max Reps Finalists on Stage
Max Reps Finalists on Stage

“When I first saw the Dragan Challenge advertised I thought to myself, ‘hey this is something I could possibly do well in’. I quickly found out that Will and Desire are the main qualities required for this challenge, and if you have those then your training will be solid. Thankfully it seems age and genetics don’t really come into it as neither of those is really on my side. I believe people will amaze themselves if they just pick up the dumbbells and have a go.

Dragan and Rajko and Team put on a great show, with sparkle and camaraderie from everyone involved, which gives the everyday person such as myself a chance to shine on stage in front of an appreciative audience. I wholeheartedly recommend it both as a challenge and as a way to impact your fitness.”

Steve Ellwood (2011 & 2012 Endurance Lifting Champion)

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