Bodypower Expo

The weekend of the 19th-20th May 2012 at Bodypower Expo in Birmingham, England saw the exciting conclusion of the 2012 Maximuscle Dragan Challenge series in 3-Categories of competition: Mens 20kg Endurance, Mens 20kg Sprint and Ladies 8kg Sprint.

The winner in each of the 3-Categories earned themselves more than £150 worth of Maximuscle Products, 6months membership at LA fitness and 1-week’s stay at the Fitness4x4 Retreat in Montenegro.

Saturday’s winner Phil Byerley earned himself an extra £500 worth of Maximuscle for his outstanding time of 3min14 in the 20kg Maximuscle Sprint variation of the challenge, whilst Sunday’s endurance winner Steve Ellwood won himself a £200 ‘Bulgarian Bag’, courtesy of official dumbbell sponsors Escape Fitness.

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