How to Get Started

If you are keen to try out the challenge for yourself, UK National Director and current record-holder Rajko Radovic (son of Dragan) has some advice:

1. Don’t immediately grab the Elite weights. Just take any two dumbbells which you can comfortably curl and press, and then set yourself the target of 100 consecutive reps. Don’t increase your weight until you’ve at least accomplished those 100!

2. Learn to use all the muscles of the upper body – don’t make it a pure bicep curl and shoulder press. The muscles of the torso, chest, lats and even abdominals can all contribute to helping you lift easier and more efficiently. ( just don’t use your legs – that’s against the rules)

3. Learn to breathe like an endurance athlete. The Dragan Challenge is a strength contest…but its also a cardio one. So try to sync your breathing with your movement and supply enough Oxygen to the muscles to avoid Lactic Acid build up.

4. Try out the Hour of Power® workout. It’s the fitness workout Dragan used to develop the strength endurance to begin setting records in Endurance Lifting, and is probably the ultimate method for developing upper-body fitness

For more info about the Dragan Challenge browse through our website or just start lifting – that’s the best way to find out what it’s all about!

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