History of the Challenge

The Dragan Challenge is a contest which began more than ten years ago when founder of the event, Dragan Radovic, challenged all-comers to outlift him (curl & press) at the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio. With show organisers offering a $10,000 prize to anyone who could, more than 50 people took to the stage top take on ‘the Dragan’, watched by a crowd of more than 2000 captivated specators including Arnie and his family, Strongman Bill Kaz and others. Nobody did outlift Dragan that year…or indeed in any of the subsequent three years he appeared at the show, but in the background many were inspired to begin testing their own upper body endurance in this way…and some would begin to compete very seriously in the new sport of Endurance Lifting.

The sport of Endurance Lifting is now practised by enthusiasts across the globe – on differing dumbbell weights but always with the same commitment to outrageously high reps! In the UK alone more than twenty athletes have registered official scores of more than 500 consecutive Dragan Challenge reps using 16kg dumbbells, with more than fifty athletes passing the elusive 100 rep mark on the 20kg dumbbells. And like any sport, as the participation grows, so do the scores. Expect next years final to be even more hotly contested.

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